Mom Turns Corner To Get Her Toddler & That’s When She Saw The Bear (VIDEO)

It was all caught on a security camera.

A Washington state mother sprung into action after her two-year-old daughter, Juniper, snuck out the patio door.

The two were watching a movie when the quick-footed two-year-old unlocked the door and made a mad dash for the patio.

Samantha Martin, Redmond, Washington followed her two-year-old as she tried to sneak out the door.

Martin calls out to her daughter to come back inside and as she turns the corner she sees Juniper running to give a black bear cub a hug.

“That’s a bear!” Martin screamed as she runs.

“She pointed out this bear and screamed at it, and then started running toward it. It started running across the fence and she chased it, so I just panicked,” said Martin.

Martin sprinted after her daughter scooped her up and ran back inside the house.

“I didn’t really have a lot of thoughts at the moment,” she added.

The black bear cub was getting an easy meal at the family’s bird feeder as the home security camera briefly captured the bear running along the backyard fence.

“The bear had pulled it down or ripped it or loosened it,” Martin said.

“It was just a little baby bear, but my biggest concern wasn’t necessarily the baby bear so much as I didn’t know where the mom was and didn’t know how she’d feel about two humans running towards her baby,” Martin told FOX 13.

After the incident, the Washington Department of Fish and wildlife reminded residents to secure unnatural food sources because bears especially cubs are looking for an easy meal.

“Bird feeders can provide a real attractant for bears and other wildlife… …take down your bird feeders in the spring,” said Chase Gunnell, Puget Sound Region Communications Manager, WDFW.

Martin said that Juniper’s favorite animals are bears but she is having her watch National Geographic a bit to teach her they are dangerous.

FOX 13


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