James Corden Gets An Unlikely Job Offer: Broadcaster Can’t Keep A Straight Face-Watch!

Hey, guys! It’s Julia Reynolds, and I’ve got a hilarious story for you. Recently, a British broadcaster had a difficult time keeping a straight face while reporting on a job opening at a nearby zoo. And it’s not just any job opening — they need someone to dress up as a giant eagle to scare away pesky seagulls!

Can you imagine? I can’t blame the newscaster for struggling to keep a straight face while reporting on such an unusual job opportunity. Apparently, the Blackpool Zoo in Lancashire, England, has been having trouble keeping seagulls away from visitors, food, and other animals, and they believe that dressing someone up as an eagle is the best way to solve the problem.

According to the report shared by CNN, the zoo is looking to hire up to five people who are “visitor-focused,” “friendly,” and “outgoing” to dress up as eagles and chase the seagulls away. The ideal candidates should be comfortable wearing a bird costume, have excellent flapping skills, and be lively, energetic, and fun.

And that’s not all. The zoo has also warned potential applicants that they are likely to be approached by zoo patrons who want to take photos with them. So not only do you have to dress up as an eagle, but you also have to be ready to pose for pictures with excited visitors.

The broadcaster even shared a tweet that the zoo had sent to James Corden, suggesting that he apply for the job since he had recently hosted his final episode of “The Late Late Show.”

So there you have it, folks. If you’re looking for a unique job opportunity, then dressing up as a giant bird might be just the thing for you. Who knows, you might even get to meet some interesting people and pose for some great photos. Until next time, this is Julia Reynolds signing off!




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