Humpback Whales Deliver A Once In A Lifetime Moment in New York Harbor

People often go on whale-watching tours hoping to get a glimpse of a whale, however, most of the time, they’re lucky even to see a tail!

The tourists aboard the American Princess Cruises on August 13th got the show of a lifetime! Not only did they see a whale, but the people aboard the cruise saw a spectacular show of NINE whales swimming and jumping out of the water.

Celia Ackerman, a naturalist for the American Princess Cruises, photographed many gorgeous scenes of these fantastic creatures as New York’s skyline was displayed in the background.

UpWorthy reported,

Ackerman is also a research associate for Gotham Whale, a marine mammal research, education and advocacy organization. Gotham Whale tweeted the images not only to let others join in on nature’s spectacle, but also to raise awareness and avoid potential collisions.

“Amazing day to say the least,” Gotham Whale’s caption read.

Though it seems like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, these sightings could very well be due to the fact that New York’s harbors are cleaner than they’ve been in a very long time. A study cited by the New York Post in 2019 showed that New York’s waters were the purest they have been in nearly 110 years.

Of course, cleaner water will draw in more fish and more fish will bring in more whales thus leading to the sensational display of whale activity seen on August 13th.


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