Dog Delights Onlookers When He Refuses To Leave The Park

A cellphone video of an adorably disobedient Golden Retriever has gone viral. The pup’s well-meaning owner was enjoying a sunny Sunday at Burleigh Hill in Queensland, Australia when his furry BFF began his peaceful protest.

As Reported Right Here by I Heart Dogs

It would seem that the handsome pooch was not quite ready to leave the park with its stunning views of Burleigh Beach.

Being a mellow, affable Golden, the pup does not throw a dramatic tantrum. Instead, he simply lays down, rolls onto his back, and refuses to move despite his owner’s efforts. As if having such a head-strong pet isn’t embarassing enough, the dog staged his demonstration on a busy walkway directly in front of a large group of onlookers!

Luckily for all of us, Facebook user, Kristen Bohlsen caught the whole adorable scene on video! She can be heard giggling throughout the clip as the petulant pup resists his dad’s urgings and leash tugs. At one point, a man is heard quipping, “Excuse me sir, I think your dog’s broken!”


Through the entire ordeal this devoted dog dad managed to keep his cool, finally tricking his pig-headed pal into action by unhooking his leash and pretending to leave without him. The dog tries to call his bluff, but eventually stands up and trots after him, inspiring the crowd to break into supportive applause!

Do you have a stubborn dog on your hands? What causes your willfull pup to stage a protest?


Featured Image via Facebook/Kristen Bohlsen


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