Dog Attack Leaves Country Music Star’s Son In Emergency Room!

Country singer Morgan Wallen’s two-year-old son, Indigo, was rushed to the hospital after being attacked by a dog owned by his mother, KT Smith. The incident occurred on Sunday when Smith’s Great Pyrenees breed dog, named Legend, reportedly lashed out at the toddler, resulting in the need for stitches. Smith provided updates on Indigo’s condition on her Instagram account, stating that while he would likely have a small scar, he was doing okay.

In her Instagram stories on Monday, Smith opened up about the situation, sharing her decision not to euthanize the dog despite the attack. She explained that she had adopted Legend in April 2022 and felt a strong connection with him, stating that they had “kind of saved each other.” Smith expressed her struggle with the decision, acknowledging the societal expectation to put down aggressive dogs but ultimately deciding that Legend deserved a chance with a family that does not have small children.

Smith justified her choice by expressing concerns about putting the dog in a kill shelter due to the overcrowding and the lack of suitable alternatives. She acknowledged that bringing the situation to social media was not her initial intention but emphasized that Legend deserved better. While Smith had previously planned to keep Legend, she changed her mind and announced that he had to be removed from their home by the following day.

Smith highlighted that Legend was not aggressive towards adults and described him as a good dog who remained calm and gentle, even when provoked. As she shared her decision, she expressed the need to find a new home for Legend, where he could thrive in an environment without young children.

Notably, Morgan Wallen, the renowned country singer and father of Indigo, has not made any public comments about the incident. Wallen and Smith dated from 2016 until 2019, according to reports.

The situation involving Morgan Wallen’s son being attacked by a dog has gained attention on social media, with many expressing concern for Indigo’s well-being and discussing the complexities of dealing with aggressive dogs. The incident has also sparked conversations about responsible pet ownership and the difficult decisions that pet owners face when faced with such circumstances.

As Indigo recovers from the attack and the family navigates the aftermath, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Legend and the search for a suitable home where he can flourish without posing a risk to young children.



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