Crime Halted Midway For Cuddles With the Victims Pooch- Watch!

A suspected bike thief in San Diego, California, was caught on surveillance footage pausing his alleged crime to share a moment with the victim’s beloved golden retriever. The incident occurred on July 15 at approximately 10:40 p.m. in the Pacific Beach neighborhood.

According to the San Diego Police Department, an unidentified male brazenly entered a garage at a residence with the intention of stealing a distinctive 2019 black Electra 3-speed bicycle, valued at a staggering $1,300. The bike’s unique features include ‘8-ball’ caps on the tire valves, an ‘8-ball’ logo on the frame, and a rear wheel frame adorned with a checkered black and white pattern.

As the thief prepared to make his escape with the stolen bicycle, the unexpected happened. The household’s golden retriever made a sudden appearance in the garage, momentarily stopping the suspect in his tracks. Instead of fleeing, the thief decided to interact with the friendly dog, displaying an unexpected affection for the four-legged companion.

Surveillance footage captured the odd scene as the suspect lovingly petted and cuddled with the golden retriever, even showering the dog with compliments. “You’re so cool,” the thief can be heard saying. “You’re the coolest dog I’ve ever known. I love you, too. You’re a sweetheart.”

Amidst the unexpected bond forming between the thief and the dog, the suspect called out for the dog’s owner, asking, “where’s your dad?” He appeared to express concern about the garage being left open and suggested that the owner should take greater care.

However, the suspect could have been playing nice with the dog in case the owner came out to inspect. Thus the suspect could feign interest in the dog instead of stealing the bike!

Despite this surprising moment with the playful pup, the thief eventually resumed his criminal act, but not before ensuring the bicycle was secured with its kickstand back in place. He then proceeded to make his escape with the stolen bike.

The San Diego Police Department promptly released the surveillance footage in hopes of identifying the suspect. Described as a white male wearing a blue and white hat, gray shirt, blue shorts, and orange athletic shoes, the suspect remains at large. The police are urging the public to come forward with any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Fox News


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