Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Throws An Outrageous $100K Quinceañera- You Won’t Believe Who It’s For

American stand-up comedian and actor, Gabriel Iglesias, also known as Fluffy, hosted the party of a lifetime for his…dog. Yes, he spent $100K on a quinceañera for his pup according to Today.

Iglesias captioned a post on Instagram of his pup’s special day saying, “Party of the year all for my little princess. Risa has given me so many years of happiness. I just wanted to celebrate her. I even wore pants”

Iglesias posted the video to his social media accounts and as you can see, the pampered 4-pound chihuahua was pushed down the aisle in a carriage that would make Cinderella jealous as they entered the party together.

“I’ve had dogs since I was a kid and Risa was the only girl dog I’ve ever had,” Iglesias told Today. “Since I’ve had her, from day one, she’s always been in my hoodie. We’re very close.”

Iglesias threw the “quinceañera” for his dog Risa which is typically held for 15-year-old girls, however, the pooch celebrated her birthday is style and is believed to be closer to 16-17.

Over 300 guests were invited to the party along with approximately 12 dogs in attendance as well.

Risa’s elaborate celebration didn’t stop with the over-the-top decorations or the many outfit changes for the pup, there was also a band, DJ, dancers, giant robot men, and the traveling entertainers “Christian and Scooby.” There were also build-a-bear stations and caricatures artists present for the event.

Iglesias got the idea to throw his long-time companion the party of the year when he saw someone else throw a party for their own dog.

Iglesias said, “No way he loves his dog more than I love my dog. Challenge accepted.”

“I went full blown and people say, ‘Oh, you wasted money,’ but it’s like, no.” “I’m celebrating something that means the world to me,” Iglesias said.

Fluffy recently released his latest Netflix special “Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy.”

New York Post


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