Animal Rescue Finds An Amazing Way To Save Our Furry Friends With This Quiz That’s Creating A Perfect Match

We’ve all heard of dating apps that match you to a person that meets certain criteria, but now there’s a website called “PawsLikeMe” that will match you to a pet friend based on compatibility!

The website uses a unique pet-matching service that will connect potential pet owners to cats and dogs based on a personality quiz!

FoxNews reported,

PawsLikeMe says its quiz is a “3-minute smart survey” that questions respondents on “four core personality quadrants,” including energy levels, confidence, focus and independence.

The PawsLikeMe Facebook page claims more than a million people have been matched to shelter animals by its rehoming service and that users rated its pet-matching service as “over 95% accurate.”

There are approximately 40 questions on the quiz. The answers help create an assessment based on personality, lifestyle, and household preferences.

For example, some questions include, “I prefer to be constantly doing something” then you’ll click agree or disagree.  Another example of a sample question is, “If you had to choose between these two dogs, which would you pick?” Then you select the most qualified answer for you.

The quiz is used to match people with a pet that will most likely match well with them and is given in a detailed summary.

PawsLikeMe will provide a matched list of dogs and cats nearby who are in need of homes.

This list is comprised of matches that use an overall compatibility score. You can search through the matches with filters to find the best one that fits your lifestyle.

Most of the animals on the websites are from shelters and rescue centers PawsLikeMe states.

The PawsLikeMe website states that most of the animals displayed on its website are from shelters and rescue centers and are in need of a loving family.

If you’re looking for a furry friend, we encourage you to take the quiz and see the personality of your potential pet!

(We have no affiliation with Paws Like Me, nor do we earn any income if you take the quiz. We just thought it was fun.)



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